Energy Efficiency

Cost Saving

Low carbon emision

Environmental friendly

Company Profile

SMART SOLUTIONS GmbH was founded in 2013 with the ambition to sell value add and innovative solutions in the technology industry. The shareholders and management team bring to the company core knowledge in the areas of LED based products, green energy and business innovation. We are committed to continuously improving the efficacy and reliability of our products and services so that our customers are always supplied with the best available solutions.

Our fast growing strategy is based on 4 pillars:

Product Innovation

LED based products for specific industry applications, focused on the quality certified in Germany.

Customer centric

Constantly evolving in response to customer requirements, anticipating them and serving with excellence.

Energy efficient integrated solutions

Green Energy, Smart City Light, Smart Metering, and Smart Services.

Business Partner ecosystem

Creating a practice excellence in collaborating with expert partners for integrating Smart Solutions.

What we believe in is that "developing sustainable economies through integrating energy saving and environmental friendly innovations".

The contribution that we bring to local economies, urban or rural, supports the main directions set by the European Union Authorities regarding:

Energy Efficient Street Lighting (Energy Efficient Street Lighting, EE).

Ecodesign requirements for LED lamps (EU NO. 1194/2012).